Governor Brown Announces Additional Business Support to Let Californians Vote


SACRAMENTO – Governor Jerry Brown today announced that the California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce, Fremont Chamber of Commerce, Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce all support his plan to let voters decide whether or not to temporarily extend existing taxes.

“Business, law enforcement, education and agriculture leaders all agree that California’s voters should have a say on whether or not to extend existing taxes,” said Governor Brown. “Californians deserve the right to weigh in. It’s time to respect the basic tenet of democracy and allow the people to vote.”

“The California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce (CAPCC) recognizes that California is in an unprecedented budget crisis, and wanted to express our support of your plan to reduce ongoing expenditures by $12.5 billion and to let voters decide to extend tax increases by $12 billion to address California’s immediate budget deficit and ongoing structural expenditures. We recognize that the only other option was addressing the deficit through spending cuts only, but the current infrastructure of our state could not be maintained if $25 billion in cuts were put into place at this time,” wrote CAPCC President and CEO Pat Fong Kushida on March 15.

“On Friday March 11, the Board of Directors of the Fremont Chamber of Commerce voted to support your proposal to put tax extensions on a June Special Election ballot. We believe that the $26.6 billion deficit and the budget cuts necessary to eliminate it are of such magnitude that the voters of the state of California should have the right to decide on their preferred approach,” wrote Fremont Chamber of Commerce Director of Government and Community Affairs Nina Moore on March 15.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors and our business members, the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce offers support for your comprehensive plan to address the state’s $25+ billion budget shortfall. It has long been the view of the Chamber that structural reforms are necessary to put the state on firm footing. A plan that only makes cuts can be too costly in terms of lost jobs and services. It is reasonable to ask the voters to extend the temporary tax measures as the state gets its fiscal house in order,” wrote Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Joseph J. Haraburda on March 9.

“Though the Santa Monica Chamber does not necessarily support the tax extensions themselves, our members have affirmed that the statewide economic impact of such a decision is significant enough to warrant a vote of the people,” said Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce Director of Government Affairs Brian Chase in a statement on March 9.

Today’s announcement builds on the steady stream of support the Governor has already received from a diverse coalition of leaders throughout the state, including the African American Farmers of California, Association of California Egg Farmers, California Agricultural Aircraft Association, California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers, California Bean Shippers Association, California Citrus Mutual, California Cotton Ginners Association, California Cotton Growers Association, California Dairy Campaign, California Floral Council, California Grape and Tree Fruit League, California Pear Growers, California Rice Industry Association, California Seed Association, California State Floral Association, California Tomato Growers Association, California Warehouse Association, Far West Equipment Dealers Association, National Hmong American Farmers, Inc., Nisei Farmers League, Olive Growers Council of California, Pacific Egg and Poultry Association, Raisin Bargaining Association, Western Agricultural Processors Association, Western Pistachio Association, Western Plant Health Association, Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians, California Grocers Association, Silicon Valley Leadership Group, California Small Business Association, California Black Chamber of Commerce, California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, Valley Industry & Commerce Association, Bay Area Council, California Association of Independent Business, Central City Association of Los Angeles, California Police Chiefs Association, Peace Officers Research Association of California, California Peace Officers’ Association, California State Sheriffs’ Association, Chief Probation Officers of California, Association for Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriffs and Los Angeles County Deputy Probation Officers Union and Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca.