Grid Conference Agenda

Tuesday, September 10
Location – Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
1661 Page Mill Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94304

8:30 AM Registration

9:00 AM Welcoming Remarks
Emcee: Michael Picker, Governor’s Office
Tony Brunello, Green Technology Leadership Group

9:30 AM Vision and Challenges
Facilitator: Bob Foster, Mayor of Long Beach

  • Neil Fromer, Resnick Institute
  • Mike Niggli, San Diego Gas and Electric
  • Tom Lantzsch, ARM Holdings
  • Arno Harris, Recurrent Energy

10:15 AM Energy Use Data Panel
What changes are needed now so that every participant has real-time information to manage their use of energy?

Facilitator: Tony Brunello, Green Technology Leadership Group

  • Michael Murray, Lucid Design Group
  • Chris Knudsen, Auto-Grid
  • Audrey Lee, California Public Utilities Commission
  • Sachu Constantine, California Center for Sustainable Energy

11:00 AM Break

11:15 AM Incentives for Energy Action Panel
What is the mix of incentives that can be offered to encourage greater energy efficiency, increased distributed generation and greater responsiveness to system needs?

Facilitator: Wade Crowfoot,Governor’s Office

  • Tad Glauthier, Stem
  • Jennifer Potter, SMUD
  • Ahmad Faruqui, Brattle
  • Datta Godbole, Honeywell

12:00 PM: Optimizing the System
How can California ensure the reliability, resiliency and effective use of electricity supplies?

Facilitator: Nancy Pfund, DBL Investors

  • Lee Krevat, SDG & E
  • Paul Lau, SMUD
  • Pete Rive, Solar City
  • Paul De Martini, Newport Consulting

12:45 PM: Lunch

1:45 PM: Instructions on working group sessions

2:00 PM: Breakout sessions

  • Breakout #1: How can California create a more intelligent energy system on both sides of the meter to help ensure the future reliability of existing supplies through 2020?
    Facilitator: Greg Ander, Energy Foundation

    • Heather Sanders, CAISO
    • Jeff Bladen, KEMA
    • Mona Tierney-Lloyd, EnerNoc
    • Attila Toth, Sun Edison
  • Breakout #2: How quickly can California provide customers their own energy use data in a way that educates them in support of distributed generation, energy efficiency, load shifting and peak shaving considerations?
    Facilitator: Andrew McCallister, CEC and Tony Brunello, Green Technology Leadership Group

    • Chris King, Siemens Smart Grid
    • Lisa Magnuson, Silver Spring Network
    • Cliff Majersik, Institute for Market Transformation
    • Jeffry Dyer, MicroStrategy
  • Breakout #3: How quickly can California implement time-based pricing that supports distributed generation, energy efficiency, load shifting and peak shaving considerations while paying for infrastructure?
    Facilitator: Michael Picker, Governor’s Office

    • Marcel Hawiger, TURN
    • Nicholas Ho, PG&E
    • Karen Herter, Herter Energy
    • John Rossi, Comverge

3:30 PM: Break

3:45 PM: Review Breakout results with Q and A

4:00 PM: Moving to Action Panel – Describe a summary of the day’s proceedings and discuss next steps

  • Michael Picker, Governor’s Office
  • David Olsen,California Independent System Operator
  • Andrew McAllister, California Energy Commission
  • Carla Peterman, California Public Utilities Commission

5:30 PM: Reception at location near Moore Foundation: Special Speaker to be Announced