1. Jobs for California's Future

Despite having lost more than a million jobs because of the financial debacle caused largely by reckless mortgage banks and Wall Street financiers, California remains the center of venture capital and the entrepreneurial spirit.

2. Education

I have been studying education and working on related issues ever since I was elected to the Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees in 1969. I approach this task with some humility, and a realization that there is no silver bullet that will fix everything. Education improvement takes time, persistence, and a systematic approach. California’s education problems are not limited to just the lowest performing schools and teachers.

3. Budget

The Governor must be ready to stand against the crowd to lead a broken legislature out of a morass of poisonous partisanship. It will take old fashioned hard work, patience, and a keen understanding of the process.

4. Environment

Our coastline, farmland, mountains, deserts and urban environments all make up the great and unique landscape of California. They form the basis for tourism, agriculture, energy development, recreation and California’s ability to attract and retain businesses. Protecting the environment is essential to our long-term prosperity. I have long recognized that environmental protection and economic development go hand in hand and will continue to promote both as Governor.

5. Clean Energy Jobs Plan

Investments in clean energy produce two to three times as many jobs per dollar as gas, oil or coal. And dollars invested in clean energy tend to stay in California, instead of going to other states or other countries. Clean energy jobs and businesses have grown much faster than the economy as a whole in the past fifteen years, and have continued to grow even during the economic downturn.

6. Pension Reform

State government has to honor commitments that have been made, but we have a responsibility to taxpayers and to retirees themselves to make certain that we can withstand sudden meltdowns in the markets without asking for more from an already strained state budget. We have to be realistic about what the state can afford, and put an end to abuses of the system that cost millions.

7. Water For The 21st Century

Ensuring safe and sufficient water supplies for the 21st century requires significant investments in our water infrastructure and natural ecosystems. After five decades of divisive wrangling, the time has arrived for the governor to provide real leadership and solve our longstanding water problems. The goal must be to maintain and enhance water supplies for all Californians and take action to restore the Bay-Delta and meet California's true water needs.

8. Fighting to Protect Civil Rights

I have fought for equal rights and against discrimination throughout my career. I have also been an uncompromising champion of a woman’s right to choose. I will continue to do so as Governor.