Gov. Schwarzenegger Grants Eight Pardons and One Conditional Pardon

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has granted a pardon to Kenneth Earl Autrey, Rex Black, Stephen Brown, Amnon Charash, Stephen Gaggero, Patrick Lee Harrelson, Robert Donald Harris, John Alexander Maclean and a conditional pardon to Rose Ann Parker.
The full text of the pardons and conditional pardon can be found by clicking on the links below:
Governor Grants Pardon to Kenneth Earl Autrey.
Governor Grants Pardon to Rex Black.
Governor Grants Pardon to Stephen Brown.
Governor Grants Pardon to Amnon Charash.
Governor Grants Pardon to Stephen Gaggero.
Governor Grants Pardon to Patrick Lee Harrelson.
Governor Grants Pardon to Robert Donald Harris.
Governor Grants Pardon to John Alexander Maclean.
Governor Grants Conditional Pardon to Rose Ann Parker.
The California Constitution empowers the Governor to grant executive clemency, including pardons, at his discretion and on conditions he deems proper. Pardons forgive a crime but do not erase a conviction. The procedure by which California residents may apply for a pardon is set forth in the California Penal Code. Details regarding the pardon- application process and eligibility requirements can be viewed on the Governor’s website at
To date, Governor Schwarzenegger has granted 16 pardons, including one conditional pardon and one amended pardon. The following is a record of the number of pardons previous Governors have chosen to grant:
Governor Gray Davis: 0
Governor Pete Wilson: 10
Governor George Deukmejian: 328
Governor Jerry Brown: 403
Governor Ronald Reagan: 575