WHEREAS, there has been a combination of continued electric load growth and lack of proposed new generation facilities in California and the western United States during recent years; and

WHEREAS, restructuring of the electricity markets in California and the western United States has increased competition for electricity generated within California and has reduced the availability of electricity imported from other states; and

WHEREAS, there have been a growing number of electricity supply alerts declared by the Independent Systems Operator, local electricity system reliability problems, and high electricity prices; and

WHEREAS, this circumstance may exist for the next two summers until new generation sources currently licensed become operational.

, Governor of the State of California, by the virtue of the power and authority vested in me by the Constitution and statutes of the State of California, do hereby issue this order to become effective immediately:

All state agencies involved in the licensing of proposed electric power plants in California will participate to implement the State's energy facility siting process in a timely manner without compromising the protection of public health and safety, the quality of the environment, or public participation. All agencies shall diligently review proposed license applications and provide timely comments to the lead agency within 100 days of the date the application is deemed to be complete.

The California Energy Commission shall propose legislation and/or regulations to prioritize and expedite the State Power Plant Licensing Process for the cleanest projects, those likely to result in the fewest or least public health, safety or environmental impacts and fully comply with all applicable federal, state, and local requirements. The California Energy Commission shall consult with the California Environmental Protection Agency, Resources Agency and the Governor's Office of Planning and Research in developing those regulations.

The President of the Public Utilities Commission, the Chairperson of the Electricity Oversight Board, the Chairperson of the Energy Commission, the Secretary of Resources Agency, the Secretary of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Director of the Governor's Office of Planning and Research shall comprise the Governor's Task Force on Energy Reliability to consider, coordinate and advise me on energy generation, reliability, siting, conservation, and efficiency policies.