Public safety

Here’s how we’re keeping California safe.

Cracking down on property crime

The Governor is cracking down on professional thieves. California made the largest-ever state investment to combat organized retail crime. Now, the Governor is going further by calling for new laws that give new tools to police and prosecutors. They will help prevent smash-and-grabs, retail theft, and car burglaries.

Fighting gun violence

California leads the nation with gun safety laws that work: 

  • universal background checks,
  • 10-day purchase waiting periods,
  • mental health reporting,
  • requiring most gun buyers to be 21 years and older,
  • allowing people to sue those who illegally distribute assault weapons and ghost guns,
  • red flag laws, and
  • an assault weapons ban.

Tackling the fentanyl crisis

Governor Newsom has a master plan for tackling the crisis caused by fentanyl and opioids. It’s an approach that will save lives. It builds on a historic investment with funds for more treatment. It also expands California National Guard actions against drug trafficking. These actions have helped seize 1,066% more fentanyl since 2021.

News about public safety

102 new CHP officers deployed to serve and protect California

News What you need to know: The California Highway Patrol (CHP) swore in 102 new law enforcement officers, who will be deployed to protect and serve communities across the state. CHP continues to make substantial progress on the administration’s campaign to recruit...

Dozens of police officers in formal dress uniforms look on as Governor Newsom and a CHP high-ranking official walk across the street near the state capitol.