Judicial Appointment Application

If you are applying for an appellate court appointment, read the Instructions for Completing the Appellate Court Judicial Application. If you are applying for a superior court appointment, look further down at the Instructions for Completing the Online Superior Court Judicial Application.

Instructions for Completing the Appellate Court Judicial Application
Below is an application for an appellate judicial appointment for you to complete and return at your earliest convenience. Please comply with the following instructions in completing the application. Any errors will delay processing your application.

  1. The information requested on pages 1 and 2 of the application form can be typed in the spaces provided. You may augment your answers to the requests and questions contained on pages 1 and 2 by use of separate attachments, if necessary. Alternatively, you may recreate these two pages on your word processor. However, if you choose to do so, please retain the same format and wording as in the original pages.
  2. The information requested on the remaining pages should be answered sequentially on plain, letter-sized paper. Please restate the request or question before each answer. Your answers should be typed and single spaced. Each page must be numbered consecutively at the bottom.
  3. Pages 1 and 2, your answers to the remaining requests and questions, and any enclosures, should be standard 2-hole punched from the top, fastened with a metal clip, and submitted to our office at the address indicated below. Please do not bind in any other format. Be sure to include a signed original of the "Authorization and Release" form printed on a separate page. Original application and attachments only and please refrain from sending additional copies.

Please Note: If you have submitted your application in a previous administration, you must reapply using Governor Brown's Administration judicial application.
Attorneys applying for Appellate Court (.doc format)

Attorneys applying for Appellate Court (.pdf format)

Judicial Officer applying for Appellate Court (.doc format)

Judicial Officer applying for Appellate Court (.pdf format)

Instructions for Completing the Superior Court Judicial Application
After you begin the application process, you will have the ability to save your work and log back in later. To login you must first create an account by completing the first page of the application. If you have already done so and are returning to complete your application, you can login using the credentials you provided.

Failure to follow all of the instructions will delay or foreclose consideration of your application.
Before beginning the application process, you should:

  1. Make sure you have met the mandatory eligibility requirement to serve as a judge on a California court.  "A person is ineligible to be a judge of a court of record unless for 10 years immediately preceding selection, the person has been a member of the State Bar or served as a judge of a court of record in this State." Cal. Const, Art. VI, section 15 (2007).  You must also be a member in good standing with the California State Bar.  If you do not meet these two requirements, consideration of your application may be delayed or foreclosed.
  2. Review the entire application before completing it so that you will be familiar with the questions you will be asked. A pdf copy of the application is available here.
  3. An answer to each question must be entered, or you will not be allowed to go to the next page of the application. If the answer is not applicable to you, enter N/A. You may not skip questions, but you can fill out an answer and edit it later in order to proceed to the next screen.
  4. If you need to return to a previous page, do NOT click your browser’s “back” button, instead select the page you wish to return to by clicking on the appropriate link in the menu located on the upper left side of the page. Returning to a previous page will cause you to lose any work done on your current page
  5. Be aware of the answers that are optional, and not required for you to answer.
  6. Answer the call of the question completely and truthfully. When in doubt about whether to provide the information requested, err on the side of disclosure.
  7. When entering certain dates in your application, you may be prompted to provide not only the relevant year, but also the day of the month and the month (e.g., 6/8/1999). If you do not recall the relevant day and/or month, you may simply enter a “1” as a placeholder for the day and/or month and then enter the relevant year (e.g., 1/1/1999).
  8. Complete the application and authorization and release form as you find it online.  Do not delete, change, or alter any questions that are a part of the application.

Note: Your online access will be PERMANENTLY closed once you hit SUBMIT and you will NOT be able to login to obtain access to your application to make any more edits or changes. Press SUBMIT when prompted to do so in order for the application to be entered into the electronic database. None of the information can be viewed by the Governor's Office until you have completed the online application process.

Mail a copy of the authorization and release form, and supplemental documents to:
Office of the Governor
Judicial Appointments Unit
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA  95814

You may also inform us of any significant changes or corrections to your original application (e.g., notification of a change of address; notification of significant professional accomplishments that occurred after the original application was completed; correction of typographical errors; etc.). Please send the information in letter format (do not re-apply online or send an updated application) to the address listed above.

The process of reviewing your application and supplemental documents is a lengthy one.  Each application is given thorough and careful consideration.  We ask for your patience while we consider the unique skills, experiences, and qualifications of each applicant, and the needs of the court.
Again, thank you for your willingness to serve the people of California in the important role of a judicial officer.

The application for a judicial position may be completed online by clicking one of the following links:
For new Applications: Superior Court Application.

For returning Applicants: Login to Superior Court Application..

If you are an elected judge and would like to apply for an interim appointment, please call the Judicial Appointments unit at 916-324-7039.