Women Inspire

The Office of the First Partner worked in partnership with the California Museum to curate a brand new, signature exhibit titled “Women Inspire: California Women Changing Our World.” Far too often, women’s stories and achievements are left off the pages of our history books or pushed to the margins of our celebrations. This brand new exhibit highlights the achievements and historical importance of California women and makes sure these phenomenal women get their due. Take a closer look at the exhibit below!

Drive For Equality


The exhibit features two sections “Drive For Equality”, and “Find Your Inspiration.” “Drive For Equality” features many women who have been written out of our history books but broke down barriers for women in every field. Women like Toypurina, a young medicine woman who in 1785 led a revolt of Tongva Indians against San Gabriel Mission, and Mary Ellen Pleasant, who despite being born into slavery, became an abolitionist and millionaire. These women opened the doors to today, and we are so excited to feature their stories here.

Find Your Inspiration


“Find Your Inspiration” highlights the many California women who have shown that a woman’s place is anywhere her inspiration takes her. From women like Sally Ride, to Dolores Huerta, to Olympic athletes like Venus and Serena Williams and Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan, these women are inspiring the next generation of California’s leaders.



To celebrate the opening of the exhibit, the First Partner hosted an hour long virtual tour of the exhibit, featuring video interviews from former First Lady Maria Shriver, Olympic Gold Medalist Megan Rapinoe, and historic activist and labor champion Dolores Huerta! Watch our grand opening event special, or take a peek at the online version of the exhibits here.

Who Inspires You?


The “Women Inspire” exhibit ends with a chance for Californians to participate by nominating the women who inspire them. To learn more about how you can participate, click here.

California Women Inspire