2016 Zero Emission Vehicle Action Plan

In 2012, Governor Brown issued Executive Order B-16-12 directing state government to help accelerate
 the market for zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) in California. This Executive Order calls for 1.5 million
 ZEVs in California by 2025 and establishes several milestones on the pathway toward this target. The Administration’s 2013 ZEV Action Plan then identified specific actions state government would take to meet the milestones of the Executive Order. Implementation of the 2013 ZEV Action Plan has been successful: California’s ZEV market has grown significantly and state agencies have completed a number of important actions. The State Legislature continues to champion ZEV technologies, passing several important laws to facilitate market expansion. Informed by the Governor’s Office 2015 ZEV Summit and extensive stakeholder feedback, this updated 2016 ZEV Action Plan outlines progress to date and identifies new actions state agencies will take in continued pursuit of the milestones in the Governor’s Executive Order.