TOMORROW: After Signing Fire Recovery & Emergency Response bills, Governor Gavin Newsom Will Meet with Paradise Leaders & Camp Fire Survivors


Bills signed today by Governor Newsom will assist local governments stay afloat and continue recovery efforts 

MAGALIA — One day after signing a package of fire recovery and emergency response bills, Governor Gavin Newsom will travel to Butte County, the site of the horrific Camp Fire, to meet with local leaders and survivors.

The bills –AB 72 and 73– provide emergency funding to local governments like those in Butte County which have been rocked by recent California wildfires. By backfilling local property taxes, the funding allows schools to reopen, and local government to stay afloat and begin rebuilding efforts.

The new funding will help keep kids in classrooms at schools like Pine Ridge Elementary, a recently reopened school that many students who survived the Camp Fire now attend. On Thursday afternoon, Governor Newsom will be at the school, meeting with local leaders who are directing recovery efforts and talking to students who were uprooted by the fire.

It will be Governor Newsom’s third visit to the Camp Fire area since the fire. On his second trip, just after touring Paradise with President Trump, Newsom recommitted the state (and urged the federal government) to be there for the survivors well into the future.

“One of the things that also needs to be said is once the cameras are gone, the press is gone, the rest of us gone, we need to make sure we’re there for the folks that have been impacted by these fires the next year, two, five, ten as we rebuild the community,” then Governor-elect Newsom said on November 17. “So that’s an important message I want to make as well, that we’re there for the long haul.”

Governor Newsom Visits School Serving Camp Fire Survivors

When: Tomorrow, Thursday, February 14, 2019 at 12:45 p.m.

Where: Pine Ridge Elementary School, 13878, Compton Dr., Magalia, CA 95954.

**NOTE: This event is open to credentialed media only. Reporters interested in attending must RSVP to by 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, February 14, 2019.