In San Bernardino, Governor Newsom Meets with Formerly Homeless Californians & Highlights Statewide Homelessness Strategy


Governor Newsom previewed his Homelessness & Supportive Housing Regional Advisory Task Force & his plan to get aid to local leaders faster

SAN BERNARDINO – Governor Gavin Newsom met with advocates, formerly homeless Californians and local officials in San Bernardino today and previewed new provisions of his statewide homelessness agenda. He praised the Inland Empire’s regional approach and collaboration to address homelessness, citing it as a model for the state at large.

“I’ve long said regions rise together,” said Governor Newsom. “Cities, counties and continuums of care are all pivotal players in helping create long-term, sustained solutions to homelessness throughout this state. All of us need to have skin in the game, and we need to leverage every available resource – federal, state and local dollars – to fight homelessness across California.”

At the roundtable, local leaders, service providers, community partners and formerly homeless Californians shared best practices and told the Governor how the state could help create partnerships and incentives to help them get people off the street, into shelters and ultimately into housing. At the event the Governor made two major announcements regarding his statewide homelessness agenda.

Throughout the campaign, Governor Newsom talked about the need for statewide leadership and a regional approach to address rising homelessness in California. In San Bernardino, the Governor announced his homelessness task force will focus on regional homelessness planning and solutions. Led by one county leader and one city leader, the homelessness task force will work to get cities and counties to plan and work together in order to have the greatest possible impact in their communities. More members will be announced in the coming days.

The Governor also previewed policy changes to his homelessness proposals that will be included in his May budget revisions. Last month, Governor Newsom heard from California mayors about the need to fast-track money for cities and counties. His May revised budget will do just that – making more funding available to cities and counties who meet homelessness benchmarks. That money will focus on two goals – creating more emergency shelters and moving those on the street and in shelters into stable housing, such as permanent supportive housing or innovative new ideas like motel and hotel conversions.