Governor Newsom Statement on Assembly Housing Vote

SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom issued the following statement today on the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee’s vote to move forward toward creating a renter protection package:

“The California Dream is in peril if our state doesn’t act to address the housing affordability crisis. The cost of housing – both for homeowners and renters – is the defining quality-of-life concern for people across this state. Housing costs and rising rents threaten to erode our state’s long-term prosperity. Families shouldn’t be forced to live hours from where they work. Vulnerable residents – seniors, families with small children and people on a fixed income – shouldn’t have to live in constant fear of eviction. And people across this state shouldn’t be forced to spend their whole paycheck to keep a roof overhead. But that’s increasingly the case throughout California.

“I am grateful that members of the Assembly voted today to continue moving forward on one piece of the housing affordability solution – creating a renter protection package. I look forward to continuing this important conversation as proposals move through the legislative process.”