Governor Newsom Signs Legislation 10.3.19

SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom today announced that he has signed the following bills:

  • AB 173 by Assemblymember Ed Chau (D-Arcadia) – Mobilehomes: payments: nonpayment or late payments.
  • AB 456 by Assemblymember David Chiu (D-San Francisco) – Public contracts: claim resolution.
  • AB 596 by Assemblymember Tim Grayson (D-Concord) – Motor vehicle defects: service bulletins and consumer electronic authorization.
  • AB 602 by Assemblymember Marc Berman (D-Palo Alto) – Depiction of individual using digital or electronic technology: sexually explicit material: cause of action.
  • AB 695 by Assemblymember Jose Medina (D-Riverside) – Community college facilities: design-build contracts.
  • AB 730 by Assemblymember Marc Berman (D-Palo Alto) – Elections: deceptive audio or visual media.
  • AB 754 by Assemblymember Tim Grayson (D-Concord) – Regional notification centers: GIS data: excavations.
  • AB 833 by Assemblymember Tom Lackey (R-Palmdale) – Parking penalties.
  • AB 971 by Assemblymember Rudy Salas (D-Bakersfield) – Public contracts: information technology services: contractor evaluations.
  • AB 991 by Assemblymember James Gallagher (R-Yuba City) – Maintenance of the codes.
  • AB 1013 by Assemblymember Jay Obernolte (R-Big Bear Lake) – State agencies: grant applications.
  • AB 1037 by Assemblymember Mike Gipson (D-Carson) – Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital: clinics: licensure and regulation: exemption.
  • AB 1752 by Assemblymember Cottie Petrie-Norris (D-Laguna Beach) – South Coast Water District.
  • SB 128 by Senator Jim Beall (D-San Jose) – Public contracts: Best Value Construction Contracting for Counties Pilot Program.
  • SB 240 by Senator Bill Dodd (D-Napa) – Insurance Adjuster Act.
  • SB 267 by Senator Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont) – Driver’s licenses: United States Foreign Service.
  • SB 274 by Senator Bill Dodd (D-Napa) – Mobilehome parks: tenancies.
  • SB 485 by Senator Jim Beall (D-San Jose) – Driving privilege: suspension or delay.
  • SB 504 by Senator Bill Monning (D-Carmel) – State highways: Route 1: relinquishment.
  • SB 623 by Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) – Multifamily Housing Program: total assistance calculation.
  • SB 698 by Senator Connie Leyva (D-Chino) – Employee wages: payment.

For full text of the bills, visit: