On National First Responders Day, Governor Newsom Thanks Thousands Responding to Emergency Conditions in California 

SACRAMENTO – As California’s first responders continue to battle emergency conditions throughout our state, Governor Gavin Newsom took time on National First Responders Day to recognize their service, as well as the generous assistance of other states in this all-hands-on-deck effort.

“Our first responders are the people who rush into danger on behalf of their communities – and sometimes, not even their own communities, as we have seen throughout the state in recent days,” said Governor Newsom. “We are thankful to the men and women in uniform who have traveled far and wide to assist in emergency response throughout California. Indeed, it is in times of crisis that we are reminded of our common humanity and what it truly means to be a good neighbor. On National First Responders Day and every day, we are grateful for their service.”

To date, more than 350 local jurisdictions, six state agencies and 11 states have sent or will send teams of first responders to assist with fighting fires, evacuations, and public safety. A full listing of the participating agencies can be found here.

The Governor also extended his thanks to the thousands of other first responders from local communities across the state for their efforts throughout the year.