Proclamation Terminating States of Emergency

An attested copy of today’s proclamation can be found here and the text below:


I, GAVIN NEWSOM, Governor of the State of California, having found pursuant to Government Code section 8629 that the conditions of extreme peril to the safety of persons and property declared in the state of emergency proclamations listed below no longer exist, therefore proclaim that the state of emergency proclamations previously issued on the following dates and in the following jurisdictions no longer exist, effective immediately:

Fire 11/30/18 Shasta
Storms 7/24/18 San Bernardino
Storms 4/19/18 Amador, Fresno, Kern, Mariposa, Merced, Stanislaus, Tulare, and Tuolumne
Fire 12/7/17 San Diego
Fire 12/5/17 Los Angeles
Fire – Accompanying Executive Order B-47-18 1/17/18 Los Angeles
Snow 10/27/17 Inyo and Mono
Fire 9/7/17 Madera, Mariposa and Tulare
Fire 9/3/17 Los Angeles
Fire 8/31/17 Trinity
Storms 8/29/17 Siskiyou
Fires 8/2/17 Modoc
Storms 8/1/17 San Bernardino
Fire 7/18/17 Mariposa
Fire – Accompanying Executive Order B-41-17 7/20/17 Mariposa
Fire 7/16/17 Santa Barbara
Fire 7/9/17 Butte
Storms 5/15/17 Mono County
Storms 4/28/17 Alameda, Calaveras, Contra Costa, Inyo, Modoc and Mono
Storms 1/23/17 Alameda, Alpine, Butte, Calaveras, Contra Costa, El Dorado, Fresno, Humboldt, Inyo, Kern, Kings, Lake, Lassen, Los Angeles, Madera, Marin, Mendocino, Merced, Modoc, Monterey, Napa, Nevada, Orange, Placer, Plumas, Sacramento, San Benito, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, San Mateo, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Shasta, Sierra, Siskiyou, Solano, Sonoma, Stanislaus, Sutter, Tehama, Trinity, Tulare, Tuolumne, Ventura, Yolo, and Yuba
Storms – Accompanying Executive Order B-38-17 2/10/17 Multiple Counties
Fire 8/16/16 San Bernardino
Fire 8/15/16 San Luis Obispo
Fire 8/15/16 Lake
Fire 7/26/16 Los Angeles
Fire 7/26/16 Monterey
Fire 6/24/16 Kern
Storms 6/6/16 City of Del Mar
Storms 4/19/2016 Alameda, Contra Costa, Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, Napa, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Sonoma, and Trinity
Storms 2/29/2016 City of Carlsbad
Storms 2/1/2016 Inyo, Kern, Los Angeles
Terrorist Attack 12/18/2015 San Bernardino
Fire 9/13/2015 Lake and Napa
Fire 9/11/2015 Amador and Calaveras
Fire – Accompanying Executive Order B-35-15 10/1/15 Calaveras and Lake
Fire 7/31/2015 Statewide
Fire – Accompanying Executive Order B-33-15 8/27/15 Lake and Trinity
Storms 7/22/2015 Imperial, Kern, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego
Storms 5/19/2015 Humboldt, Mendocino, and Siskiyou
Storms 3/2/2015 Alameda, Contra Costa, Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, Los Angeles, Monterey, Orange, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Shasta, Sonoma, Tehama, and Yolo
Fire 2/26/2015 Mono
Storms 12/22/2014 Marin, Mendocino, San Mateo, and Ventura
Fire 9/17/2014 El Dorado and Siskiyou
Earthquake 8/24/2014 Napa, Solano, and Sonoma
Earthquake – Accompanying Executive Order B-24-14 9/2/14 Napa, Solano, and Sonoma
Fire 8/2/2014 Statewide
Fire – Accompanying Executive Order B-25-14 9/11/14 Amador, Butte, El Dorado, Humboldt, Lassen, Madera, Mariposa, Mendocino, Modoc, Shasta, and Siskiyou
Fire 5/14/2014 San Diego
Fire – Accompanying Executive Order B-27-14 10/6/14 Siskiyou
Storms 4/29/2014 Los Angeles
Fire 10/31/2013 Shasta
Storms 9/30/2013 Inyo
Gasoline Spill 9/20/2013 Los Angeles
Fire 8/29/2013 Mariposa
Fire 8/23/2013 City and County of San Francisco
Fire 8/22/2013 Tuolumne
Fire – Accompanying Executive Order B-23-13 10/23/13 Mariposa, San Francisco, and Tuolumne
Fire 8/09/2013 Riverside
Fire 7/19/2013 Riverside
Fire 7/12/2013 Los Angeles
Storms 2/28/2013 San Mateo
Fire 8/22/2012 Plumas, Shasta, and Tehama
Fire 12/20/2011 Los Angeles
Wind 12/9/2011 Los Angeles and City of Rancho Cucamonga
Storms 7/12/2011 Marin
Storms 4/15/2011 Alameda, Amador, Butte, Contra Costa, Del Norte, Humboldt, Madera, Mariposa, Mendocino, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Sierra, Stanislaus, Sutter, Trinity, Tuolumne, and Ventura
Tsunami 3/16/2011 Mendocino and San Luis Obispo
Tsunami 3/11/2011 Del Norte, Humboldt, San Mateo, and Santa Cruz
Tsunami – Accompanying Executive Order B-4-11 3/17/11 Del Norte, Humboldt, San Luis Obispo, San Mateo, and Santa Cruz
Storms 3/3/2011 Modoc
Storms 1/27/2011 Madera


I FURTHER DIRECT THAT as soon as hereafter possible, this proclamation be filed in the Office of the Secretary of State and that widespread publicity and notice be given of this proclamation.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the State of California to be affixed this 23rd day of December 2019.


Governor of California



Secretary of State