Governor Newsom Statement on President Biden’s American Jobs Plan

SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom issued the following statement in response to President Biden’s American Jobs Plan:

“President Biden put forward a transformative vision for a healthier and cleaner future for our country, with unparalleled investments in infrastructure and clean energy which will create millions of high-paying jobs along the way.

“California is uniquely positioned to benefit from these investments, with the state’s leadership and work to advance efforts to expand broadband access, make our grid more resilient to prevent blackouts and wildfires, modernize water infrastructure, improve our schools, hospitals and housing, and expand clean transit. And it lifts up opportunities for communities too often overlooked.

“California has charted its own path to green infrastructure. Now, we have a strong partner in Washington who understands that mitigating the impacts of climate change means fighting for a healthy economy. With the support of President Biden, California will come roaring back from the COVID-19 pandemic.”