Governor Newsom Draws First 15 Winners in California’s Vax for the Win Giveaway

 $750,000 awarded in first round of cash prize drawings, in which more than 21 million Californians were entered to win

Roughly 350,000 newly vaccinated Californians started vaccination process and have become eligible for $50 incentive cards

SACRAMENTO – Today, Governor Gavin Newsom selected the first 15 lucky Californians to be awarded $50,000 for doing their part in getting vaccinated against COVID-19. The $750,000 awarded in today’s randomized drawing is part of California’s new $116.5 million Vax for the Win program – the largest vaccine incentive program in the nation – which includes $50 incentive cards to newly vaccinated residents and cash prize drawings for all who have received at least one dose. This historic program is designed to motivate Californians to get vaccinated leading up to the state’s reopening on June 15th.

“California has made incredible progress in the fight against COVID-19, with the lowest case rates in the entire country and millions more vaccines administered than any other state. But we aren’t stopping there, we’re doing everything it takes to get Californians vaccinated as we approach June 15 to help us safely reopen and bring the state roaring back,” said Governor Newsom.

Governor at vax for the win drawing

Governor Newsom draws first 15 winners in Vax for the Win program

Since Vax for the Win launched, roughly a million vaccine doses having been recorded, including roughly 350,000 Californians newly starting their vaccination process. In total, California has administered more than 38 million vaccines, ranked number 8 in the world. California has administered 15.4 million more doses than any other state and more than 70 percent of the adult population has received at least one dose.

“We are making another push to get more Californians vaccinated against COVID-19,” said Dr. Tomás J. Aragón, CDPH Director and State Public Health Officer. “With more than 70 percent of adults having already received at least one dose, the Vax for the Win program is the creative approach we need to make that final push for those who remain unvaccinated.”

More than 21 million Californians aged 12+ are at least partially vaccinated and automatically entered to win in the cash prize drawings. The second $50,000 drawing will take place next Friday, June 11, when an additional 15 Californians will be selected. On June 15, when California safely reopens, 10 winners will be selected to receive $1.5 million each – adding up to a total of $15 million in cash prizes. On top of that, the 2 million newly-vaccinated Californians who get their dose since Vax for the Win launched will be eligible to receive $50 prepaid and grocery cards.

Winners from today’s drawing live throughout the state in the following counties: Mendocino, Los Angeles, Santa Clara, Alameda, San Diego, San Francisco, Orange, San Luis Obispo. They start being notified directly by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) within hours of the drawing and over the next four days by telephone, text, email or other contact information associated with the person’s record in the state’s vaccine registry. To protect their privacy, all winners will have the option to accept their cash prize while remaining anonymous or decline it altogether.

Winners must complete their vaccination in order to claim their prize. If someone under 18 wins, the cash will be put in a savings account for them until they turn 18. For more information about Vax for the Win, please visit