Governor Newsom Statement on U.S. Supreme Court Case on Texas Abortion Law

SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom released the following statement today regarding the Supreme Court of the United States’ failure to block a Texas law banning abortions after six weeks:

“I am outraged that the U.S. Supreme Court has allowed Texas’ ban on most abortions to take effect. Silently, in the dead of night, the Supreme Court has eviscerated the fundamental protection of a woman’s right to choose that Roe v. Wade has protected for the last 50 years. In California, we will ensure that women continue to have access to critical health care services, including abortion, and California will continue to lead the nation in expanding access to reproductive and sexual health care. And I will continue to appoint judges and justices who will faithfully follow the Constitution and precedent to uphold people’s rights, unlike this disappointing inaction from the high court.”

In 2019, Governor Newsom signed a Proclamation on Reproductive Freedom reaffirming California’s commitment to protecting women’s reproductive choices. The Governor has advanced investments to expand access to reproductive and sexual health care and signed multiple bills protecting reproductive freedom, including SB 374 earlier this year and SB 24 and AB 1264 in 2019.