Governor’s Office Bear Statue Relocated to New State Capitol Swing Space 


SACRAMENTO – As part of the transition to the State Capitol Swing Space, the bronze bear statue in front of the Governor’s Office was relocated today to the reception area of the new, temporary Governor’s Office in the swing space. The statue had been at the front entrance to the Governor’s Office in the State Capitol since it was purchased by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2009.

“For many Californians making a trip to the State Capitol, one of the more memorable stops is the Governor’s Office – not to see the Governor but to visit the bronze bear statue that will continue to have a place of pride at our new, temporary office,” said Governor Newsom. “State leaders have governed California from the Capitol Annex for nearly seven decades, and as we turn towards the next chapter, we reflect on the storied history of our Capitol and look forward to the work ahead charting California’s path to a brighter future.”

Governor’s Office bear statue being moved to State Capitol Swing Space.

In July 2018, the Department of General Services was authorized to pursue the design and construction of the State Capitol Swing Space to house the Governor’s Office, California State Senate and the California State Assembly throughout the duration of construction of the State Capitol Annex Project. On November 22nd, Governor Newsom, First Partner Siebel Newsom and Governor’s Office staff will begin working from the State Capitol Swing Space.

NOTE: Please contact Associated Press Photographer Rich Pedroncelli at to access pool photos of the statue’s move.