California Created a Fifth of the Nation’s Jobs in February

With an unprecedented 138,100 jobs in February, the most jobs created since July of last year, the state’s unemployment rate dropped to 5.4%  California has created 1.3 million jobs since the beginning of last year

SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom issued the following statement regarding today’s jobs report showing that California created 20.4% of the nation’s jobs in February while decreasing the unemployment rate: “These latest numbers show that California is continuing to drive our nation’s job growth,” said Governor Newsom. “We’re doing it by promoting more pathways to opportunity and embracing the diversity, creativity, innovation, and determination that breeds success – building a California for all.”

  • California’s 138,100 new jobs in February far outpaced every other state, and it was 60,300 more jobs than the next closest state of Texas and 87,100 more jobs than Florida.
  • California has now regained 87.2 percent (2,405,900) of the 2,758,900 nonfarm jobs lost during March and April of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Of the 678,000 jobs the nation gained in February, California accounted for 20.4% of them. The state’s year-over job growth of 6.8% also outpaced the nation’s rate of 4.6%.
  • California has enjoyed month-over gains in nonfarm jobs in 12 of the past 13 months, averaging roughly 101,700 jobs gained per month over that time.
  • Since January 2021, California has created more than 1.3 million jobs.