California Matches Record Low Unemployment Rate

SACRAMENTO – In September, California matched the record low unemployment rate of 3.9% set in July 2022. The state also added jobs for the twelfth consecutive month and has now recovered 99.1% of the jobs lost to the pandemic-induced recession:
  • California’s unemployment rate fell .2% to 3.9% in September, matching the state’s record-low rate and dropping 2.5% from September 2021.

  • The state’s job increase from August 2022 was revised upwards by 16,100 jobs to a 36,000-job increase – this was followed by a 6,500 job increase in September.

  • September was the twelfth consecutive month the state added jobs – Education and Health Services showed the largest month-over gains.

  • California has recovered 99.1% of the 2,758,900 jobs lost during the February 2020 – April 2020 pandemic-induced recession.