California ZEV Sales Near 19% of All New Car Sales in 2022

SACRAMENTO – California announced the latest data showing the state’s accelerating transition to zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) and ZEV market dominance – 18.8% of all new cars sold last year in California were ZEVs and 40% of ZEVs sold in the U.S. are sold in California.

“California continues to lead the zero-emission vehicle revolution with groundbreaking policies and investments that drive innovation, create good jobs and expand ZEV access and affordability across the state,” said Governor Gavin Newsom. “Keeping our focus on the communities that are most impacted by the intensifying climate crisis, we’ll keep pushing ahead to make our clean transportation future a reality in California.”

  • 18.8% of all new cars sold last year in California were ZEVs, according to the California Energy Commission
    • ZEV sales are up 38% from 2021 and 138% from 2020
    • In comparison, the latest estimates show ZEV sales were 5.8% of all U.S. car sales in 2022
  • 345,818 ZEV sales in California in 2022
  • 1,399,913 cumulative ZEV sales in California
  • 40% of ZEVs sold in the U.S. are sold in California, based on estimates from Veloz
  • 80,027 shared electric vehicle chargers installed in California (both public and shared private)
  • Up to $9,500 in grants & rebates available for low-income Californians (learn more here)

State Actions to Support the ZEV Market
Last month, the California Energy Commission approved a $2.9 billion investment plan that accelerates California’s 2025 electric vehicle charging and hydrogen refueling goals. In November, the California Air Resources Board approved a $2.6 billion investment plan to support a wide range of ZEV projects, with 70% of the funds directed to disadvantaged and low-income communities – the state’s largest-ever investment in the equitable expansion of clean transportation.

In addition, California expects to receive $384 million of federal funding from the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program to install charging stations throughout the state.

The success of the state’s programs has led to ZEVs becoming a top export and has spurred major advances in manufacturing and job creation. California is home to 55 ZEV and ZEV-related manufacturers and leads the nation in ZEV manufacturing jobs.