ICYMI: California Announced $400+ Million in Grants to Invest in Health Care Workforce & Infrastructure

SACRAMENTO – This week, Governor Newsom’s administration announced more than $400 million in grants to build upon and expand the state’s nation-leading health care workforce and infrastructure. This represents part of the over $1 billion in health care workforce investments to strengthen and expand the state’s health and human services workforce contained in the recent budget.

“California is committed to ensuring people have the services they need and supporting the next generation of health care workers” said Governor Newsom. “These crucial investments in our health care workforce and infrastructure build upon that commitment by strengthening our community partners, health care infrastructure, and continuing our work to bring the state’s health care system into the 21st century.”

This funding is essential as California works to address the behavioral health, mental health, and general health care needs of Californians.


  • Department of Health Care Services: $119 Million to 98 organizations to help local organizations build capacity and infrastructure in Medi-Cal’s delivery system (CalAIM).
  • Department of Aging: $89 Million to 78 organizations to further the state’s commitment to growing a resilient caregiver workforce.
  • Health Care Access and Information: $61 Million through 2,230 awards across 53 counties to support behavioral health students and professionals in advanced practice, nursing, behavioral health, and allied health professions.
  • Health Care Access and Information: $59.4 Million to 23 schools to support social work education.
  • Health Care Access and Information: $49.6 Million to 54 organizations to support 17 new and expanded programs and create 87 new residency positions across California.
  • Department of Developmental Services: $22 Million to 75 community-based organizations and regional centers to improve equity, diversity, and service access to all Californians with developmental disabilities.
  • Department of Health Care Services: $18 Million available to help students ages 18 and older gain practical on-the-job experience in behavioral health careers.