WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: More Californians are accessing higher quality health care services and community supports, like help with permanent housing with Medi-Cal and CalAIM. Eligibility for these enhanced services will be expanded to reach more Californians in the coming months.

SACRAMENTO — A new report from the Department of Health Services (DHCS) found an increase in Californians accessing and utilizing the wide array of benefits and services provided by the Medi-Cal program’s Enhanced Care Management (ECM) and Community Supports during the first year of implementation. These resources are available through Governor Newsom’s CalAIM initiative. ECM and Community Supports are focused on the most vulnerable Californians with the most severe health conditions. These programs provide high-touch, person centered care and access to assistance, like housing and healthy meals. Together, these initiatives will help reduce overall health care costs borne by taxpayers and improve outcomes.


  • In the first 12 months: 109,004 Medi-Cal members received Enhanced Care Management benefits(40% increase between end of Q1 and end of Q4), and 36,391 members received 80,859 Community Supports services (160% increase between end of Q1 and end of Q4).
  • The most utilized support was housing transition navigation services, which helped more than 40% of members who received Community Supports find, secure, and maintain stable housing.
  • The second most utilized support was the housing tenancy and sustaining service, which provides members with landlord coordination assistance, eviction prevention resources, and the annual housing recertification process.
  • The third most utilized support was housing deposit assistance, which helps members pay for housing security deposits, first and last month’s rent, and first month of utilities and related setup fees. Members can also receive funding for medically necessary items like air conditioners, heaters, and hospital beds to ensure their new home is safe for move-in.

WHAT GOVERNOR NEWSOM SAID: “California is investing in innovative solutions to make sure people get what they need to live healthy, stable lives. Increasing access to quality health care dramatically impacts people’s lives for the better, which is why we are expanding access so more Californians can get the help they need. We are showing what’s possible when government prioritizes people and embraces innovation.”

BIGGER PICTURE: Managed care plans (MCPs) and health care providers are moving to swiftly train new staff, build capacity, and develop new infrastructure to reach more members. To support this, DHCS’ $1.85 billion Providing Access and Transforming Health (PATH) initiative is building the capacity and infrastructure of on-the-ground partners, such as community-based organizations, public hospitals, county agencies, tribes and others.

Learn more about this new report and DHCS’ next steps here.

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