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WATCH: Governor Newsom’s Trip to China in 1 Minute

SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom returned to California Sunday following his weeklong trip to China. Watch the video below to get a quick glimpse into how it went.

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ANCHOR: This morning, Governor Newsom is in Hong Kong as a part of a weeklong trip to China focused on climate action and a partnership between the U.S. and China.

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: I want you to know that regardless of what happens nationally, subnationally, you have a partner in the State of California.

REPORTER: Governor Newsom meets his counterpart in Guangdong, China, and the representatives signing a Memorandum of Understanding to address climate issues.

LAUREN SANCHEZ: It’s a formalization of a partnership so we can do policy exchange, people-to-people exchange, learn from one another in a more formal way.

ANCHOR: Newsom, visiting Shanghai to meet with the city’s mayor, Gong Zheng. The two signing an agreement to collaborate on combating climate change and protecting the environment. Newsom, also touring Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai, touted as one of the most productive electric vehicle plants in the world.

ANCHOR: Governor Gavin Newsom has met with Chinese President Xi Jinping this morning in Beijing.

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: We have to define the terms of the future. We have to live together across our differences. I don’t want to see this relationship deteriorate. There is no solution to the climate change crisis without the cooperation of China.