Star Wars’ The Mandalorian & Grogu to be Filmed in California Through the State’s Film and TV Tax Credit Program

 WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: To date, California’s Film and TV Tax Credit Program has generated over $24 billion in economic output and supported more than 188,000 cast and crew from films like Top Gun: Maverick, Captain Marvel, Space Jam 2, and many more. Lucasfilm’s “The Mandalorian & Grogu” is set to add an additional $166 million to the state’s economy – making it the biggest blockbuster in program history. Overall, this round’s 15 selected productions are projected to generate over $400 million and create nearly 20,000 jobs.

SACRAMENTO – The California Film Commission today announced the addition of five big-budget projects and ten independent films into the state’s Film and TV Tax Credit Program 4.0. These fifteen productions, spanning a diverse range of budgets and narratives, are projected to bring close to $408 million into California’s economy through qualified in-state expenditures and will also generate a boost for local economies with an estimated 2,252 crew, 598 cast, and 16,800 background performers poised to work across a combined 579 filming days.

Lucasfilm’s “The Mandalorian & Grogu,” directed by Jon Favreau, will have the largest total qualified expenditures in the history of the California Film and Television Tax Credit Program, marking a big win for California production and a high point for job creation. This Star Wars feature, a first for the franchise to be shot entirely in California, is set to inject an estimated $166 million into the state’s economy through below-the-line wages and qualified expenditures.

WHAT GOVERNOR NEWSOM SAID: “From Earth to Arvala-7 to Mandalore, there is no place to film like California. Our iconic entertainment industry has brought us classics across generations, and through this program we’re making sure the state continues producing, while generating billions of dollars for our communities, creating thousands of good-paying jobs, and training our future workforce.”

“We are thrilled to be shooting the next Star Wars movie, The Mandalorian & Grogu, here in California,” said a Lucasfilm spokesperson.  “Working with the California Film Commission, we are proud to be creating film jobs in California and excited to start production, utilizing the world class crew available here.”

Other notable, non-independent recipients include “Untitled Disney Live Action,” “Untitled 20th Film,” and two Amazon MGM Studios projects “The Accountant 2” and “Mercy.”

“The array of film projects announced today demonstrates California’s enduring attraction for storytellers. These productions, spanning big-budget features to indie films, not only infuse millions into our economy but also showcase our state’s talent and versatility,” said California Film Commission Executive Director Colleen Bell. “We’re proud to welcome these projects, highlighting California’s resilience and continued prominence in the film industry.”

The ten independent films announced today are estimated to generate a total of $114 million in qualified spending, with $70 million attributed to qualified wages. Among these, the seven indies with budgets under $10 million, listed below, are projected to contribute a combined $22 million in qualified spending. The independent films with budgets exceeding $10 million, including New Regency’s “Untitled NRP Project,” are expected to surpass $92 million in qualified spending, reflecting the robust economic impact of these productions.

“We are thrilled to be able to shoot in Los Angeles thanks to the tax credit,” said Academy Award nominated producer Charles Roven. “We get to work with terrific talent that lives here and utilize the wonderful locations. And almost everyone gets to go home to their own bed at the end of day!” Roven is set to produce the sci-fi film “Mercy” starring Chris Pratt.

Nearly 41 percent – 235 out of 569 – of the filming days planned by the projects announced today will take place in Alameda County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County, San Francisco County, Upland, Joshua Tree, Marin, as well as other out-of-zone locations yet to be determined.


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