Governor Newsom Visits California-Mexico Border

JACUMBA – Governor Newsom visited the California-Mexico border late Friday, where he was briefed by the California National Guard (CalGuard) and U.S. Border Patrol officials, and later met with community leaders at a shelter supporting migrant families in San Diego.

WHAT GOVERNOR NEWSOM SAID: “On his first day in office, President Biden put forward a comprehensive plan focused on securing our border, ensuring Dreamers have a permanent home in our country, and helping businesses address their needs for workers. Republicans in Congress have done nothing but create chaos and sabotage any attempts at progress — including blocking the bipartisan border security deal that had everything they’d been asking for. It’s past time for the spineless Republicans in Congress to do their job.”

California is home to the busiest land border crossing in the Western Hemisphere. Governor Newsom visited portions of the California-Mexico border that have seen increased migrant arrivals in recent months.

Governor Newsom later visited a primarily state-funded shelter, where a local nonprofit provides short-term and critical support. Community organizations have been key partners, working with local, state, and federal governments to meet humanitarian needs and support border communities.

SUPPORTING PEOPLE: Since 2019, Governor Newsom and the Legislature have provided more than $1.3 billion for humanitarian assistance and related services to support local communities. The California Department of Social Services has awarded grant funding to nonprofits providing temporary sheltering and support services to federally processed migrants in Southern California’s border communities – sheltering over 520,000 individuals since 2021, primarily through state funding. California is currently funding several migrant shelters in the region.

KEEPING CALIFORNIANS SAFE: Last year Governor Newsom increased the deployment of CalGuard service members by approximately 50% at the U.S. ports of entry along the California-Mexico border to support the interdiction of illicit drugs, including fentanyl. In 2023, CalGuard-supported operations seized a record 62,000 pounds of fentanyl.

BIGGER PICTURE: Earlier this year, Governor Newsom joined several states in urging congressional action to support state-level efforts. Just last week, Governor Newsom met with President Biden and senior White House officials to discuss key issues impacting California, including immigration and border policy.

B-roll of the Governor’s visit to the border is available for download here.