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ICYMI: More States Partner with California Climate Corps, Biden Administration Expands American Climate Corps

WHAT TO KNOW: Illinois, New Mexico, and Vermont join 10 Climate Corps states by teaming up with California – providing thousands of young people with opportunities for climate action and careers in sustainability.

SACRAMENTO – With three new states teaming up with California, a third of America’s population now has access to Climate Corps programs, joining the state’s leadership in pioneering this nation-leading initiative.

Illinois, New Mexico, and Vermont created their own state-level Climate Corps in partnership with California Volunteers and the Newsom Administration, joining 10 other states – Arizona, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Utah and Washington – that have already established a Climate Corps. The Biden Administration also announced thousands of new paid service positions now available through the American Climate Corps.

WHAT GOVERNOR GAVIN NEWSOM SAID: “We can’t go it alone in tackling the climate crisis. With these three states launching their own Climate Corps, we’re making climate action a reality in communities representing millions of Americans. Together, we’re mobilizing and organizing citizen climate action at a scale never seen before – and now we’ll begin to see its impact across the nation.”


  • Positions range across a number of fields including energy-efficiency, disaster response and preparedness, and wildfire mitigation.
  • Fellows in state-based climate corps programs will earn a living stipend and, after completing a term of service, will be eligible for a scholarship to pay for college or to pay off student loans.
  • Some participating fellows will earn up to $30,000 (prorated for those serving in a less than full-time capacity) by serving their communities.

WHAT CHIEF SERVICE OFFICER JOSH FRYDAY SAID: “When Governor Newsom launched California Climate Action Corps in 2020, we aimed to mobilize and organize civilian climate action at scale and spark similar movements across the country. In a few short years, we have seen thousands of Californians take climate action and their success is inspiring the nation.”

HOW WE GOT HERE: As a part of California’s comprehensive strategy to address the climate crisis, Governor Gavin Newsom created the California Climate Action Corps in 2020 – providing a case study on the success of climate-based and statewide service programs that empower climate action through volunteer and fellowship opportunities.