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May 15, 2024

New website helps Californians access support, provides Transparency on Proposition 1 & California’s transformation of behavioral health

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Governor Newsom recently announced the launch of MentalHealth.CA.Gov, a one-stop website making available a wide range of resources to support the mental health of all Californians.

SACRAMENTO – It is now easier for Californians to connect with mental health services, including crisis services, counseling and treatment, real-time support, and specialized resources for children, youth, and older adults.

Governor Gavin Newsom recently announced MentalHealth.CA.Gov, a new state website offering life-saving resources, links to mental health support hotlines, and resources for all Californians – from youth and young adults, to older Californians, parents and families, veterans, and everyone in between.

It also includes key information on California’s behavioral health system transformation – accelerated by Prop 1 – and links to program and policy specifics.

COMING SOON: Version 1.0 of this website has initial information on implementation timelines for Prop 1 results and current tools available to counties that administer the state’s behavioral health system. This website will continue to be built out to include key indicators of new construction and transformed services, so people will be able to see how their county compares to other California counties and how the state is making progress overall.

WHY IT MATTERS: Governor Newsom is focused on results, transparency, and accountability, particularly as the state implements Proposition 1 and transforms its mental health and substance use disorder treatment and support systems.