Jul 1, 2024

ICYMI: Fox News: ‘Fast-food jobs have increased in California since the state implemented a $20 minimum wage’

In case you missed it, California increased the number of fast food jobs during the first two months of the $20 minimum wage being implemented.

You can read more from The Los Angeles Times here:

The fast-food industry claims the California minimum wage law is costing jobs. Its numbers are fake

Here are just what a few outlets are saying:


“Fast-food jobs have increased in California since the state implemented a $20 minimum wage across the industry despite claims by trade groups that say the hike has hurt franchisees and their employees.”

“The fast-food industry in California added 10,000 jobs from March through May, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The new wage went into effect on April 1.”


“ In any case, a 3,000 jobs increase is still an increase.”


“The increased pay is helping with worker retention, Raising Cane’s said.”

“Since January, nearly 21,000 fast-food jobs were added in California, according to BLS data.”


“California’s law mandating a $20 minimum wage appears to bear fruit, with an increase of 10,000 jobs in the fast-food industry, as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported. Rather than causing job losses as critics feared, the wage hike seems to be serving as an incentive for companies to invest more in their workforce.” 


“Trade groups and some political pundits have consistently blasted California’s new $20 minimum wage law for fast food workers as a job killer.” 

“According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, California’s fast-food industry has added 10,600 new jobs since Assembly Bill 1228 took effect on April 1 and roughly 20,700 jobs since the start of the year.”

“…numbers simply don’t back up their narrative.”

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