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Every year, women in California lose $78.6 billion to the pay gap. That’s why the Office of the First Partner, the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls and the Labor and Workforce Development Agency joined forces to turn the strongest equal pay laws in the nation into the smallest pay gap in the nation. Through a combination of education, implementation, and enforcement, we’re making sure that every woman in California gets her due.


Since #EqualPayCA’s launch in April 2019, we have connected thousands of Californians to our educational equal pay resources, hosted roundtables and conversations to hear firsthand about the pay gap’s impact on working women and their families, and secured more than 40 major corporate commitments to our equal pay pledge, reaching hundreds of thousands of employees. Together, we are actively moving the needle forward towards creating an #EqualPayCA.

The following companies have signed our equal pay pledge, committing to:

  1. Conduct an annual company-wide gender pay analysis;
  2. Review hiring and promotion processes to reduce bias and barriers; and
  3. Identify and promote other best practices that will help close the pay gap.

10, 000 + Employees

Airbnb | Apple | AT&T | Cisco | eBay | Gap Inc. | Intel | NAWBO- CA | Salesforce | Shutterfly | Uber

100 – 1,000 Employees

Branch Metrics | Drift | First Capitol | Metromile | Ripple Foods | Silicon Valley Community Foundation | Sunshine Sachs | XL Construction

1,000 – 10,000 Employees

Autodesk | Box | Databricks | Gusto | Lending Club | Maxim Integrated | Medallia Inc. | Square | SunRun Inc. | Zynga 

Under 100 Employees

Ani’s Cake Delights | Blue Note Therapeutics | Children’s Home of Stockton | Equinox Landscaping | The Grateful Dog Inc. | Ike Robotics | MG Custom Printing | Poindexter Consulting Group | PractiGal LLC | Promoventures, Inc. | Simplecast | Socials Glass | Solvang Chamber of Commerce | Whittier Family Dental

Now it’s your turn – join us:

Our Partners:

#EqualPayCA in action