Housing & homelessness Tackling homelessness and building more housing

Governor Newsom is tackling California’s homelessness crisis head-on. It’s an emergency decades in the making. But no more excuses, no more passing the buck. We will meet this emergency with the compassion and urgency it demands by:

  • holding cities and counties accountable,
  • getting and keeping more people in housing, and
  • building more housing, faster

See the Governor’s initiatives for housing

Governor Newsom walks down stairs outside of an apartment complex with a man.

Public safety Keeping California safe

Governor Newsom is taking proven steps to fight crime and keep Californians safe. Since 2019, the Golden State has invested a record amount of funding to:

  • tackle organized crime, 
  • strengthen local law enforcement response, 
  • hold perpetrators accountable, and 
  • get guns and drugs off our streets.

See the Governor’s initiatives for public safety

Governor walking with police officers near the State Capitol.

Economy Creating opportunity for all Californians

California’s economic dominance didn’t happen overnight. For generations, we’ve embraced a set of core principles for economic success.

We’re doubling down on this strategy by:

  • expanding the conveyor belt for talent, 
  • cultivating our innovation ecosystem, 
  • building a healthier and cleaner California, 
  • encouraging risk-taking without recklessness, and 
  • making the state affordable for all.

See the Governor’s initiatives for the economy

Governor reaching out to shake the hand of a construction worker with a crowd behind.

Health care A healthier California

Governor Newsom has led the charge to:

  • expand health care access,
  • make it more affordable, and
  • improve care for all Californians, regardless of age, income, or immigration status.

See the Governor’s initiatives for health care

Governor Newsom stands behind a podium and in front of refrigerators with boxes of medication as he discusses insulin prices. A sign on the podium states, “ insulin by calrx. Tour of the state of California.”


California’s Climate Commitment is the most ambitious in the world. Governor Newsom is leading the global shift to a sustainable future. That means more clean energy, and less pollution.


Governor Newsom is putting families first. He’s giving parents the freedom to choose how to educate their kids. And he’s expanding childcare and leave benefits to support families.


Governor Newsom is making state government work for all Californians. He’s improving services and cutting red tape. He’s building a state government that reflects California’s diversity at every level.


California’s incredible diversity is the foundation of our success. We’ve made great progress toward addressing historic wrongs, but much work remains. The Newsom Administration is doing that work to make the California Dream a reality for every one of us.