First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls Announce 14 New Signatories to #EqualPayCA Pledge to Help Close the Pay Gap in California


New signatories include major California employers Gap Inc., Intel, Box and Cisco

SACRAMENTO – Today, First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom has announced 14 additional signatories to the California Pay Equity Pledge, bringing the total number of companies to 27. By signing this pledge, major California employers like Cisco, Box, Intel and Gap Inc. are committing to conduct an annual company-wide gender pay analysis, review hiring and promotion processes and procedures to reduce unconscious bias and structural barriers and promote best practices that will close the pay gap to ensure fundamental equity for all workers. For a full list of signatories, click here.

In partnership with the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls (CCSWG), California Labor Agency Secretary Julie A. Su and TIME’S UP, the Office of the First Partner launched #EqualPayCA in April, a groundbreaking, statewide, state-led initiative focused on closing the pay gap through proactive business commitments, public education and awareness campaigns and the distribution of new employee and employer resources created by CCSWG’s Pay Equity Task Force.

“The pay gap is one of the most obvious ways our society devalues women,” said First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom. “It is also one of the most damaging – women in California lose over 78 billion dollars a year because of the gap. I applaud these businesses for stepping up and doing their part to ensure pay equity within their companies, and I encourage all other businesses in California to follow suit. Together, we can close the pay gap and create a more equitable California for all.”

“Gap Inc. is proud to take the California Pay Equity Pledge in partnership with First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom and the California Pay Equity Task Force. As the first Fortune 500 company to independently validate our global gender pay equality in 2014, we understand that equal pay is fundamental to achieving gender equality and maintaining our workplace culture that provides opportunities to advance. As one of the largest employers in California, we are committed to doing our part by continuing to conduct annual pay reviews and upholding the principles of the California Pay Equity Pledge,” said Brent Hyder, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer at Gap Inc.

“Equal pay is foundational to building an inclusive future where people across the Full Spectrum of Diversity have access to the economic, educational, and health opportunities they need,” said Fran Katsoudas, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer at Cisco. “Cisco has always been committed to pay parity for all and working with external partners to advocate for fairness and equality. With the Pay Equity Pledge, we take another step towards building a more inclusive future in partnership with California First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls and the California Pay Equity Task Force.”

“At Box, we’re committed to doing our part to close the gender pay gap, which is why we are proud to join California First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls and the California Pay Equity Task Force in the Pay Equity Pledge,”said Christy Lake, Chief People Officer at Box. “We believe in creating equal career opportunities for all men and women, and by taking the pledge, we are formally telling our employees and the world that we are committed to equitable pay practices and creating a culture of belonging. The more companies stand up for equal pay, the closer we get to closing the pay gap and making salary equity a reality for all.”

“At Intel, we believe that fair pay is central to creating a truly inclusive workplace, and a key factor in driving better employee performance, productivity and engagement. A diverse workforce and inclusive culture are essential to our evolution and growth. I am tremendously proud of our ongoing commitment and I encourage all companies to join us in making pay equity a global priority,” said Julie Ann Overcash, Vice President of Human Resources and Director of Global Rewards and Talent Retention at Intel Corporation.

For more information about #EqualPayCA, click here.


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Jennifer Siebel Newsom is a filmmaker, advocate, thought leader, and the First Partner of California. She wrote, directed, and produced the 2011 award-winning documentary Miss Representation and the 2015 documentary The Mask You Live In, and recently premiered her third film, The Great American Lie. She founded The Representation Project in 2011, a nonprofit that uses film and media to challenge limiting gender stereotypes.

Jennifer’s films have been seen by over 28 million people worldwide, and The Representation Project’s social action hashtag campaigns have reached more than 650 million people. The Representation Project is responsible for single-handedly shifting the norm of sexist Super Bowl ads with the #NotBuyingIt campaign. Similarly, their #AskHerMore campaign transformed the sexist reporting on the red carpet, and empowered women in Hollywood to address inequalities in the industry, giving early momentum to the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements.


The California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls created the California Pay Equity Task Force in 2016 in response to the enactment of Senate Bill 358 “the California Fair Pay Act”. The mission of the CA Pay Equity Task Force was to ensure effective implementation of the California Fair Pay Act by supporting meaningful compliance and active awareness though the facilitation of ongoing dialogue among diverse parties and interests. After 2.5 years of working with groups representing employers, employees and unions, we proudly present the California Pay Equity Resources. Go to to find out more.


TIME’S UP is an organization that insists on safe, fair and dignified work for women of all kinds. We want women from the factory floor to the floor of the Stock Exchange, from child care centers to C suites, from farm fields to the tech field, to be united by a shared sense of safety, fairness and dignity as they work and as we all shift the paradigm of workplace culture.