Governor Newsom Kicks Off Clean California Day of Action Highlighting New Initiative to Clean and Revitalize Neighborhoods Across the State

$1.1 billion program will dramatically expand trash removal from state highways and fund local beautification and liter abatement projects

Creates up to 11,000 jobs, including for people exiting homelessness, formerly incarcerated individuals, veterans, students and local artists

Project opportunities in all 58 counties, nearly a third of program funding to be invested in cities, counties, tribes and transit agencies

RICHMOND – At a Clean California project in Richmond today, Governor Gavin Newsom launched a statewide day of action highlighting his $1.1 billion initiative, in partnership with local governments, to revitalize California’s streets and public spaces through litter abatement and local beautification projects.

Clean California compliments the Governor’s multi-pronged approach to tackling the homelessness crisis with record investments and innovative solutions. The Governor is proposing a $12 billion investment in proven solutions, including the expansion of Homekey – the largest increase in housing for people experiencing homelessness in recent history – paired with strategies to ensure accountability and transparency in spending.

“Clean California offers a historic opportunity to transform our streets and highways that have been blighted with litter and hazardous waste for decades, and with more resources than ever before to provide safer housing and shelter alternatives, we’re following through on our commitment to get people out of unhealthy encampments and into safer, more stable housing,” said Governor Newsom. “This program will create thousands of jobs to support people exiting homelessness, at-risk youth, formerly incarcerated individuals and others getting back on their feet. With potential projects in all 58 counties, this is truly a statewide effort engaging and investing directly in our communities to create public spaces that all Californians can take pride in.”

The Richmond site, which Caltrans has cleaned and maintained, is one of several projects already benefitting local communities through expanded litter pick-up and sustainable landscaping along the state highway system. Caltrans is leading litter cleanup and hiring events across the state today as part of the day of action.

Governor Newsom with Caltrans workers

Governor Newsom at Clean California site in Richmond.

Clean California will massively expand state and local litter abatement efforts and generate an estimated 10,000 to 11,000 jobs over three years, including for people exiting homelessness, at-risk youth, veterans, those reentering society from incarceration, local artists and students.

The statewide program includes potential projects in all 58 counties, with nearly a third of the funds being directly invested into cities, counties, tribes and transit agencies to clean and enhance local streets and public spaces. Caltrans will award $296 million in matching grants to fund impactful projects on local streets and roads, tribal lands, parks, pathways and transit centers in underserved, rural and urban communities. The Department is developing a needs-based formula that will provide additional support to underserved communities, with a goal of funding more than 100 local projects a year.

Caltrans collected 270,000 cubic yards of trash in 2020 – enough to load 18,000 garbage trucks. Clean California will remove an additional 1.2 million cubic yards, or 21,000 tons, of trash from state highways each year, the equivalent of filling the Rose Bowl three times or enough garbage bags to stretch from Los Angeles to New York City.

The initiative also includes funding for a public education campaign to foster a sense of shared responsibility for litter prevention to help protect our waterways, natural resources, public safety and health.