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Governor Newsom Helps Package Emergency Relief Supplies for Shipment to Ukraine

SOLANO COUNTY – Governor Gavin Newsom today visited the state’s disaster logistics warehouse in Solano County to help pack emergency relief supplies for Ukraine. The needed medical aid is being prepared for an upcoming shipment by Direct Relief, a California-based humanitarian aid organization that has been coordinating with the government of Ukraine and on-the-ground partners to provide support during the current crisis.

“California is united in our support for Ukraine,” said Governor Newsom. “Throughout this crisis, the state and non-profits, businesses, the faith community, and individuals across California have stepped up in solidarity with the Ukrainian community, a heartening reminder of our common humanity. We’ll continue to support the brave people of Ukraine and reaffirm our commitment to fundamental rights and freedoms around the world.”

Click here for b-roll of Governor Newsom packing emergency relief supplies for Ukraine. 

Governor Newsom packs emergency medical supplies for shipment to Ukraine.

The supplies packaged today include:

  • A California Medical Station that includes beds, wound and IV kits, a defibrillator, wheelchairs, and other necessary supplies.
  • One hundred oxygen concentrators.
  • Personal protective equipment to supply refugee camps.

Governor Newsom earlier this month met with Consul General of Ukraine in San Francisco Dmytro Kushneruk to express California’s solidarity with the Ukrainian community and discuss the state’s current efforts to support the people and government of Ukraine. The Governor has signed an executive order directing state agencies and departments to ensure their contractors are complying with economic sanctions imposed in response to Russia’s attacks, and called for state pension funds to halt the flow of money from the state to Russia and to ban the purchase of Russian debt.

The Governor is also urging businesses, non-governmental organizations and public entities in the state to comply with economic sanctions on Russia and take action in support of Ukraine, such as refraining from new investments and financial transactions with Russia and not transferring technology to Russian entities.

Many companies in California have already taken steps to limit economic transactions with Russian entities, combat Russian misinformation and support Ukraine. To date, California companies have contributed over $85 million to support organizations working to address the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. In addition, several California companies have announced that they are implementing business sanctions against Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine. More information on the efforts by California companies can be found here.

California and Ukraine share close ties and the state is home to one of the largest Ukrainian populations in the country. California has a long history of welcoming Ukrainian and other refugees. As a state of inclusion and a beacon of hope for those seeking refuge, California will continue to be a welcoming place for refugees and stands ready to continue our partnership with the federal government as needed to support the resettlement of refugees fleeing Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

California’s National Guard and the U.S. government have had a nearly three-decade relationship with Ukraine working to support its Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior and Armed Forces by providing military equipment and training as well as humanitarian assistance. Over the last 20 years, the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, along with the California National Guard and the California Emergency Medical Services Authority, has provided training and conducted exercises with the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces on utilizing the Emergency Management and Incident Command System.