Governor Newsom Starts Weeklong International Trip


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Governor Newsom started his weeklong international trip in Hong Kong where he discussed the challenges of the climate crisis with university students and faculty.

HONG KONG – Governor Gavin Newsom on Monday started his weeklong international trip with a stop at Hong Kong University.

Governor Newsom’s trip is focused on advancing concrete climate collaborations with key national and subnational partners, promoting economic development and tourism, and encouraging a cultural exchange between countries. Over the next six days, Governor Newsom and his delegation will travel through China, visit key demonstration sites and meet with leaders who share California’s commitment to addressing our global climate crisis while fostering a low-carbon, green growth agenda.

Downloadable high-res photos are available here.

“We must radically change the way we produce and consume energy, and it won’t be enough if we act alone. This is a global crisis and it requires a global response.

The long-standing partnership – and competition – between California and China has led to measurable progress: electrification of ports, cleaning our air of smog and pollution, and innovating new technologies that build economies. This visit is an opportunity to share our successes, learn from one another and continue driving an ambitious climate agenda.”

Governor Gavin Newsom

At Hong Kong University, the Governor participated in a fireside chat with Professor Peng Gong, Vice President and Pro Vice Chancellor of the University. Hong Kong University is a premier research institution and, much like the University of California system, plays a significant role in shaping government policies. The Governor spoke to the importance of the university system, and the hope he has in the next generation exercising their capacity to make a difference in the climate crisis.

Like California, Hong Kong is on the front lines of the climate crisis – just last month Hong Kong experienced its highest hourly rainfall since records began in 1884 and flash flooding that injured more than 100 residents.

Speaking to an audience of faculty, students and private sector leaders, the Governor spoke about the harsh climate realities both Hong Kong and California face, and how both have led in responding to the climate crisis.

Hong Kong has set a goal of 2050 to reach carbon neutrality. Under Governor Newsom’s leadership, California has released a roadmap to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045, one of the most aggressive plans in the world.

“Climate research and education are urgently needed. Events like this truly highlight the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing in combating the global climate crisis. By uniting leading climate scientists and experts, we hope to foster a healthier, more sustainable planet for all,” said Professor Gong.

The city was the first in Asia to require businesses to disclose carbon emissions, and in October, Governor Newsom signed new laws requiring major corporations to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions.