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Governor Newsom Commends Biden’s Border Funding, Slams Congressional Republicans

SACRAMENTO — Governor Gavin Newsom issued the following statement on the Biden-Harris Administration’s announcement of grant funding to address humanitarian and security efforts at the southern border:

“Let’s be clear: President Biden is doing all he can to fund border security and humanitarian efforts while Republicans in Congress are choosing border chaos for political gain.

“As local communities implement this funding — funding that the Republicans reduced — Congress must now act on the bipartisan border security deal that would further fund security, humanitarian efforts and resources to better address the challenges at the border, and crack down on fentanyl trafficking.” Governor Gavin Newsom

The state and local communities are working in partnership to support safety at the border through humanitarian efforts. Republicans in Congress continue to attempt to sabotage a safe and orderly process, preferring to create chaos for political gain. Most recently, Congressional Republicans pushed to cut essential federal funds that support federal operations. The current funding of $650 million amounts to a 19% reduction at a moment when more federal resources are needed for border communities, not less.

Congressional Republicans also continue to undermine opportunities to advance border security, modernize our immigration system to support our economy and American workers, and pass a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers and other long-term undocumented people who have contributed to our economy for decades.

Since 2019, Governor Newsom and the Legislature have provided more than $1.3 billion for humanitarian assistance and related services to support local communities. The California Department of Social Services has awarded grant funding to nonprofits providing temporary sheltering and support services to federally processed migrants in Southern California’s border communities – sheltering over 500,000 individuals since 2021, primarily through state funding. California is currently funding several migrant shelters in the region and is appreciative of our local community partners for delivering on this important work.

The Newsom Administration is working in partnership with the Biden-Harris Administration and California Congressional leaders, along with state and local officials, to advocate for federal funding for communities as they support the federal government with a safe and orderly process, further enhancing border security.