May 17, 2024

CHP continues to receive increased applications

The California Highway Patrol has seen a 104% jump in applicants compared to 2022

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: California continues to see high numbers of applications to join the California Highway Patrol (CHP), an increase of 104% since 2022. California has seen a regular uptick in cadet applicants, including a total of 7,615 since January 2024.

SACRAMENTO — Governor Gavin Newsom today provided updated data from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) showing more people applying to join the nation’s largest public-facing state law enforcement agency. In the last four months, CHP has received 7,615 applications, an increase from 2023 and 2022 which saw 5,803 applications and 3,732, respectively, in the same period.

The officers of the California Highway Patrol are the best of the best, committing daily to public service and public safety. I encourage more Californians to answer the call to serve their neighborhoods and continue helping build community-oriented bridges across California.

Governor Gavin Newsom

A graphic with a blue background and white and orange lettering that shows a graphic going up from the year 2022 as 3,732, the year 2023 as 5,803 and the year 2024 as 7,615. The title says "the California Highway Patrol has received 7,615 applications in just the first four months of 2024.

“Recruitment for the CHP is more than just filling vacant positions; it’s about finding individuals who embody our professional values and are passionate about a career dedicated to serving the public,” said CHP Commissioner Sean Duryee. “The surge in interest reflects not only a desire to serve, but also a recognition of the noble calling of policing.”

You can be one of the new CHP officers ready to make a difference.

Marking progress to fulfill the administration’s multi-year campaign to recruit 1,000 new CHP officers from the state’s diverse communities, more than 300 cadets have been sworn in as officers this year. To accommodate the interest, the CHP is holding multiple Academy classes simultaneously for the first time in the Department’s history, with three more classes completing training this year. The next CHP Academy graduation is scheduled for July 12, 2024.

The CHP is the largest public-facing state law enforcement agency in the United States with over 6,500 sworn officers assigned across California.


Following the launch of the CHP 1000 recruitment campaign and other recent recruitment efforts and hiring investments — including a new recruitment web series “Cadets” — CHP reports that there have been an average of about 1,900 applicants a month since the start of the year.

California has invested expanded resources and personnel since 2019 to fight crime, help local governments hire more police, and improve public safety. In 2023, as part of California’s Real Public Safety Plan, the Governor announced the largest-ever investment to combat organized retail crime in state history, an annual 310% increase in proactive operations targeting organized retail crime, and special operations across the state to fight crime and improve public safety.