California is the 5th largest economy in the world. It’s a powerhouse built by our people. Here’s how we’ll ensure economic opportunities reach all Californians.

Creating jobs

California Jobs First will create more good-paying jobs, faster. It is a first-of-its-kind model that streamlines the state’s workforce development. It will guide investments in job creation, industrial strategy, and economic development.

Lowering costs

We’re making California more affordable to more people. Governor Newsom is doing that by focusing not only on the needs of businesses, but also on the needs of workers. California has been the place where the middle class dream is achievable. We’re taking action to make that dream an affordable reality today.

Unlocking the freedom to succeed

California is preparing students for the workforce of tomorrow. We’re helping them build skills, leading to high-paying and fulfilling careers — even without a college degree. That’s giving people the freedom to succeed.

Getting job training for Californians 

Californians are learning the new skills they need for good-paying jobs. The Governor is creating:

  • more apprenticeship opportunities, 
  • new career pathways for young Californians, 
  • better access to training programs for farmworkers, and 
  • support for former oil and gas workers.

Investing in business innovation

We’re doubling down on our investment in California’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. We fuel this by creating policies that support big thinkers and job creators. Governor Newsom is cutting bureaucratic red tape. And he’s keeping business here with billions in tax relief and grants.

News about the economy

California keeps adding more fast food jobs

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Governor reaching out to shake the hand of a construction worker with a crowd behind.